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Perma Tempra
Experience rate x1* x2*
Experience bonuses x1 x2 (All experience bonuses are doubled)
Loot rate x1*
Skills rate x2 (Actually doubled with Fast Attack!)
Magic rate x2
Regeneration rate x2 (And double conjure ammo amount)
Base Attack speed 1 second
Monster health x1.4
Monster damage Level 1-100: +5%
Level 101-200: +10%
Level 201-300: +15%
Level 301-500: +20%
Level 501-500: +25%
Level 601+: +30%
World Type Mixed PvP (read below)
Party Level Range 33% None

Additional experience bonuses

Calculation: experience * (rate + bonus)
  • Catch up Bonus: +30% XP for level is 50% below of the highest level
  • Global XP Boost: +30%
  • Global XP Boost Initiator: +30%
  • Creature of the day: +30%
  • Account Newsletter Subscription: +10%
  • Hosting a public cam session: +10%
  • Premium Account: +20%
  • Guilds with 5+ players Online: +10%
  • Guilds with warmode enabled: +10%
  • Weed: +30%
  • Monster Prey: Any of [+20%, +30%, +40%]
  • Party bonus

Additional loot bonuses

  • Global Loot Boost: +50%
  • Global Loot Boost Initiator: +50%
  • Creature of the day: +30%
  • Monster Prey: Any of [+20%, 30%, +50%]
  • Task 2000 kills: rare items chance and +10% loot rate

Death penalty

(Mixed PvP)
Base: 7% death loss of your total XP and skills.
Reducer Reduction Total loss
Bless 1 1% 6%
Bless 2 1% 5%
Bless 3 1% 4%
Bless 4 1% 3%
Bless 5 1% 2%
  • You buy blessings from the regular five NPCs(links in the table above) or by any temple NPC if you have premium account. You can also purchase bless protection at the in-game store for 5 donation points per blessing.
  • Protected by all 5 blessings will reduce the death item-droprate to 0% unless you have redskull, then you drop your full inventory.
  • There are blessing stones available at Store, Daily Task or Daily Reward

Death penalty

(Hardcore PvM)
100% experience loss (until 4200 experience).
No blessings available No skill loss No item loss

PvP information

World type

(Mixed PvP)

Open PvP with skull system

  • White skull (Received by attacking a player without a skull)
  • Red skull (Received by too many unjustified kills. You loose all items when dying)
  • Yellow skull (Received by attacking a skulled player that did not attack you first. You do not get an unjustified kill for killing yellow skulled players)

No-PvP Areas (Reduced XP and Magic Level rate)

  • Liberty Bay area (except Goroma) is Non-PvP meaning you cannot attack or kill players there. When you see this icon in the inventory you know you are in a protected area. That being said, there are some downsides as defined below.
    Mana spent reduction for conjure spells 100%

PvP Enforced

  • While in Warmode you can kill other players with guild warmode activated without given an unjustified kill.
  • You gain a share of 75% from the experience lost depending on your damage output.
  • You gain only experience from players in a 75 level range of you.
Unjustified View unjustified kills limit in-game.
White skull on kill duration 15 minutes
Hotkey aimbot

You cannot shoot runes in battle window on players.

Miscellaneous information

Serversave 07:00 CEST
Multiple characters online per device Max 3 (automatic system) or banishment may occur
Multiple characters online per account Max 3
Runes Conjure / Market / Quests / NPCs
House Rent period: never, but inactive characters loose their house after 1 month offline
Market Free for all

Zones information

PvP Zone
  • You can attack players and monsters.
  • You can do all types of spells and gain 100% magic level rate
No-PvP Zone (Liberty Bay)
  • You cannot participate in PvP but can attack monsters
  • You can do all kind of spells here but the magic skill does not progress
Protection Zone (Temple and depots)
  • You are safe from player and monsters
  • You can do all types of spells and gain 100% magic level rate
  • You are safe from player and monsters
  • Regeneration only for premium-players
  • You can do all spells but the magic skill does not progress
  • You are safe from player and monsters (you can't die here).
  • You can't use conjure spells.

Party information

Unjust on kill of member False
Party experience bonus
  • +20% for being in an active party
  • +20% for each member in the active party (max 4)
  • +15% for having a Paladin
  • +15% for having a Sorcerer
  • +20% for having a Knight
  • +25% for having a Druid
  • +20% for each member having the 'Party XP' lore
Tempra's double Experience bonus has no effect on this.

Max 30 SQM away.

Connection information

Account SIGN UP

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